Welcome to MCS

Welcome to MCS supply chain consultancy LTD The Company is a management and business consultancy delivering solutions in the construction sectors of industry. We have specialised in the window and door hardware sectors of support to organisations .

A Consultancy with a Difference

MCS provides small, large and medium sized organisations with a different approach to business and production consultancy, an approach which is not Supply Chain limited  by convention but committed to embracing the very latest thinking and developing its use in practical down to earth ways. Our constant aim is to transfer knowledge and skills in a way that is understandable and affordable.

We are not afraid to recommend and use unorthodox ways of realising opportunities. Our Guarantee is that together we will specify measurable outcomes for every project, and work relentlessly to achieve the goals set. Our reputation and therefore income is built on long-term relationships.

Experience gained from working with many different organisations. Having diverse cultural environments, convinces us that there is no such thing as a standard way of doing things. Our intervention in an organisation is only valuable if it takes a context specific helicopter approach to every assignment. Success for us, and for our clients, is challenging people with new ideas at all levels, adopting robust innovative work processes and products so the business, its people and customers all benefit.

We call it simply taking a profit related approach to continual organisational design and development. Our ability to punch above our weight has enabled us to work closely with some of the largest organisations in the global construction industry, overcoming entrenched attitudes and ineffective work processes.